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Backpacking Routes

Here are some examples of popular backpacking routes and they are designed to be at least a starting point for planning your trip. Generally speaking it's a bad idea to set out with a rigid schedule in mind because plans change rapidly on the road and it takes something away from the joy of travel. However it helps to have a rough idea of where you're heading.

If you want specific help planning your trip then consider getting one of our personalised backpacking routes which include suggested flights, destinations and hostels based on your interests.


The most famous of the major backpacking regions in the world and it seems to get more popular every year. From visiting ancient temples to chilling out on stunning Thai Islands, everyone can find their scene here. That said a big draw for many backpackers is the crazy party culture that really comes to a head at the very raucous full moon parties. Almost the entire region is dirt cheap making it a budget travel paradise.

Laos TubingThe Beach in Thailand

Tubing in Laos & The Beach, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand.

+ The Re-unification Express in Vietnam

Take a ride on the famous trainline that re-united a country and trundles its way down from Hanoi in the North to Saigon in the South.

+ Island Hopping in Indonesia

Looking for more than a standard trip around South East Asia? Indonesia offers up limitless opportunities for adventure without the crowds you find on the backpacker trail elsewhere in the region.



The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Our newest route features an exploration of the largest island on the planet. We visit the cities, beaches, rainforests and locate the best parties in one of the world's easiest countries to travel in.


South America is an exhilarating continent to visit and has long been a favourite destination for backpackers. From the beaches of Brazil to adventures in the Andes there is something for all tastes in this part of the world.

waterfall brazil 

The Iguazu Falls seperate three South American countries.

+ Backpacking Route in Brazil

Explore fantastic coastal cities, glorious beaches, waterfalls, giant areas of diverse nature and take in the biggest carnivals on the planet before venturing into the Amazon to round off your Brazilian adventure.


This is the land of chicken buses, explosive volcanoes, cloud forests, ancient ruins and so much more. Central America never lacks for colourful surprises and at times can be completely bonkers. It is a small region so is much easier to see in a short space of time but that doesn't mean it lacks for things to do. Outside the big cities and the north of Mexico, this is actually a very safe region with peaceful fun loving people and some charming little countries to visit.

volcano in guatemalaBackpacking route Central America

Volcanic eruption near Antigua, Guatemala & ruins in Palenque, Mexico


Nowhere else in the world is so much history, culture and variety packed into such a small area. Just a few hours on a train can transfer you from one great European capital to another and it is the fascinating big cities which are the highlight of travel in Europe. In recent years Eastern Europe has seen a surge in visitors and remains much more budget friendly.

Backpacking Route in EuropeBackpacking Route in Europe

Beautiful Prague and the Berlin Wall (Becca_Bandit on flickr) which once divided a city and a continent. 

+ Guide to Europe Rail Passes

Confused by the multitude of different rail pass options out there, don't know the difference between Interrail and Eurail passes? This guide should help you.

+ Backpacking Route in the Baltics

Take a trip around the chilly Baltic Sea region and visit some of Europe's most beautiful cities including St Petersburg, Tallinn and Vilnius.

+ Backpacking Route for Spain and Portugal

Take a trip around Iberia's best cities, towns and beaches and enjoy latin passion in the liveliest corner of Europe.

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